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Learn Facebook ads ebook

There have been a few times in my three decades as a marketing professional where an emerging trend hit me like a ton of bricks:

Circa 1994-1996 — When I first discovered the Internet/Web and realized the massive reach and influence it would have (after the Netscape browser came out, I quickly learned to code my first crude websites and soon after left my job at an ad agency to start a web design firm)

Circa 2008 — When I discovered my first podcast and later that year created my own first show (short lived!) called Web Business Freedom…which has led to a passion for podcasting (even though my latest show has been on hold for a couple months…sad but true)

Also circa 2008 — When I discovered Twitter and Facebook and saw the trend of social media taking off and took the plunge to learn all I could about it

Circa late 2016 — When Pew Research Center came out with their annual stats on social media usage and I realized how much Facebook has truly won the social game, with:

  • 79% of online Americans now using Facebook
  • 76% of Americans who use Facebook visiting it daily

Source: Pew Research Center

I mean, I knew Facebook had reached catastrophic numbers, of course…but now we’re at the 80/20 inflection point.

While I had dabbled a bit with Facebook ads, suddenly it became crystal clear to me that this is the most significant communications platform of our time…and it is imperative as a marketer to understand and utilize it to the fullest extent. And yes, I mean Facebook ads…vs. trying to beat your head against the Facebook Wall trying to achieve “organic” reach. For most of us, that is a futile cause.

Announcing Facebook Ads Authority

I’ve been diving deeply into Facebook ads the past few months and want to share what I’ve been learning.

My latest digital product is called Facebook Ads Authority. Click the link to learn more about this. If you like it, it’s just $7 US to get a copy. If not, no worries…there are a lot of other great resources out there.

Regardless, I encourage anyone running a business or working in marketing to pay attention and get up to speed with what is possible with Facebook ads. They continue to innovate the platform, offering a virtually endless combination of possibilities to reach your prospects at a fraction of the cost of “traditional” media like print, radio, billboards, trade shows, etc.

If all this seems awesome but overwhelming and you would rather focus on your business and not Facebook ads, contact me to learn about our done-for-you Facebook advertising services.

If you have a good case study to share about your use of Facebook ads, let me know!

Create and sell digital products

Create and Sell Digital Products

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Go For Launch Show 88How would you like to create and sell digital products? You might be surprised how relatively easy it is to do this and start earning extra income.

In today’s podcast, I share information about why digital products are so effective. I also talk about the process of creating them—speaking from personal experience. Over the past week, I created a multi-part digital product offering just to demonstrate I could (and to create a passive revenue source!). Then I did a webinar about it and launched the product, How to Create and Sell Digital Products.

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How to write a best selling book

How to Write a Best-Selling Book

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 87Want to know how to write a best-selling book? Believe it or not, there’s a service for that now. It’s called Book In A Box, and it is a game changer for professionals who want to write a book but don’t know how—or who can’t commit the time that is typical involved.Tucker Max

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tucker Max, the co-founder and CEO of Book In A Box, that has turned book writing and publishing into a service.

Tucker himself has written three #1 New York Times Best Sellers, which have sold over three million copies worldwide. He is only the third writer (after Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis) to have three books on the New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller List at one time.

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How to disrupt an industry

How To Disrupt An Industry

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Go For Launch podcast show 86Some of the most promising startups happen when their founders discover how to disrupt an industry. They see opportunities to radically change or improve “business as usual.”

That is what Mike Devlin and his cofounders are doing with LureBoats, an online marketplace that enables customers to book boat charters across the country right from their computer or mobile device—it’s like an OpenTable or Airbnb for fishing charters.

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Super Healos

Start A Business By Helping Others

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Go For Launch podcast show 85Many people have this idea that they can start a business by helping others. But few act on their instincts.

Kathryn Jones is one of those who decided to turn her passion for improving others’ lives into a business that is helping children who are facing medical treatment get the emotional support they need.

Kathryn is co-founder and head of product development for SuperHealos, a company dedicated to helping children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes.

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make money affiliate marketing

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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go for launch podcast show 84How would you like to make money with affiliate marketing? There’s no better person to learn from than Matt McWilliams.

Matt  is the president of Matt McWilliams Consulting, where he helps online business owners and brands, small and large, leverage the power of partners to grow their businesses. Specifically, he teaches people how to make money as an affiliate and how to work better  with affiliates.

Matt has worked with companies and entrepreneurs like Shutterfly, Ray Edwards, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Jeff Goins and more.Matt McWilliams affiliate marketing

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What entrepreneurs need to know about HR

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About HR

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go for launch podcast show 83I recently talked to two experts about what entrepreneurs need to know about HR (human resources).

Shannon CookShannon Cook is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional with over 17 years’ experience in Human Resources. She received her Professional Certification in Human Resources Management from UCLA, and is the proud wife of a business owner. She works with Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 30 years that provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance.

Shannon has served her clients as an HR Specialist and as a Client Liaison. Shannon also developed national level trainings and resources for her colleagues in the field to support client satisfaction and efficiencies for the service teams. Earlier this year, she transitioned to a Business Performance Advisor role within Insperity and support’s Insperity’s mission to Help Businesses Succeed So Communities Prosper. Having the unique combination of business owner perspective and a HR background, she is able to empathize with the challenges a business owner faces and offer solutions that fit their long and short term strategies.

Luke WilliamsAlso joining us on the podcast is Luke Williams. Luke is the head of sales and operations for Zenworkforce. An entrepreneur nearly his entire life, he has founded multiple companies and has a great deal of experience helping start-ups and emerging companies start and grow their sales and organization functions.

Luke joined Zenworkforce in 2015 to assist the company with entering the B2B market.His company, Grab A Cloud, specializes in consulting pre-revenue companies to acquire their first customers and develop strategies for scaling operations.

Zenworkforce is an employee performance documentation software that allows managers to document activities in real-time to encourage positive reinforcement and ensure accurate documentation of areas of opportunity. Zenworkforce allows managers to operate more efficiently, it helps facilitates employee engagement, and provides risk mitigation assistance to the executive team.

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