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From Business Success To Significance

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Are you in business just to make money—or are you becoming fulfilled and adding value to the world? Are you merely successful or are you striving to be significant? Aaron Walker is today’s special guest on the Go For Launch podcast. We talk at length about how entrepreneurs can transition their focus from business success to significance, adding meaning and purpose to …

The Worst Business Models

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When you are thinking about starting a business, investing enough time in identifying a viable business model is a critical first step. If you overlook this step, you may undermine your chances of success—even if your product or service has excellent, sustainable demand in the marketplace. If you have not yet finalized your business model, it is always a good …

Going Out Of Business

Going Against The Odds: Don’t Quit Your Business Too Soon

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The other day, a friend texted to ask how my new business, Go For Launch, was going. “Slowly,” I wrote back. Depressingly so, it seems. But I am in this for the long haul, and have only been “at it” for less than three months. I know from prior entrepreneurial experience that most things take longer than you expect or hope they …

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How Small Business Davids Can Compete Against Goliaths

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Are you interested in starting a business? Do you worry you’re “too small” or that larger, more established companies will crush you? Those are largely unfounded fears. If you have the right idea, great execution and staying power, you can compete at every level—even alongside well-entrenched Goliaths. Here are 15 suggestions for establishing your company on an equal or better …