The Coming End of the 9-5

The Coming End of the 9-5

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 70
What happens when jobs are we know them are gone? Are you ready for the coming end of the 9-5?

Taylor Pearson is on a quest to delve into the current and future trends behind tremendous shifts taking place in traditional global workforces. Taylor is an entrepreneur and author of The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5. rated The End of Jobs one of the Top Three ‘Start Your Own Business’ Books and a Top 25 Business Book of 2015.Taylor Pearson author The End of Jobs

He joins me on today’s podcast.

Taylor’s book is full of anecdotes about the sweeping changes in what constitutes “work” for most people. For example, he talks about a child being born in 1870, when 80 percent of the population worked in agricultural jobs. Yet over the next hundred years, that figure would flip to 80% of people working in offices vs. just four percent in agriculture.

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From Services Provider To Custom Software Developer

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 69Do you have a business that is largely dependent on your providing services? How would you like to transition to sell products instead. That is what my guest today has done, transitioning from services provider to custom software developer.

Greg Forehand is the founder and CEO of Ekos. Since starting the company in 2002, Greg has designed and developed software for some of the largest companies in the world. More recently, he has moved the business away from custom software development and is now focused on writing software used by craft beverage manufacturers such as breweries and distilleries.Greg Forehand

Since launching Ekos Brewmaster in the summer of 2014, the Ekos team has seen a very positive response from the craft beverage industry. With more than 500 craft brewery customers, Ekos Brewmaster has quickly become the most widely used brewery management software in the world.

Greg lives in the thriving craft brewery community of Charlotte, NC, with his wife Kate, and daughters Maddi and Lilly.

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Solve your pain and start a business

Solve Your Pain and Start a Business

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 68What’s ailing you? What if you could solve your pain and start a business at the same time? That is what my guest on today’s podcast did with a revolutionary new health product.

Jerry Collins is CEO and cofounder of Treadwell Corporation based in Wilmington, NC.Jerry Collins

After graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in finance and and an MBA, he spent 10 years as a commercial bank manager and lender. This was followed by three successful entrepreneurial ventures in the retail grocery business, financial consulting and a medical services organization.

Jerry also served for 20 years as executive in the C-Suite (CEO & CFO) for Rural Health Clinic and Federally Qualified Health Center organizations.

In 2009, he joined Treadwell after the system they invented helped him personally treat symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (cramping of feet and legs at night) that had been previously unsuccessfully treated for the prior five years.

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what drives you to become an entrepreneur

What Drives You To Become An Entrepreneur?

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 67What drives you to become a successful entrepreneur? Have you truly discovered your “why?”

Austin Hulsey is someone who has spent years discovering where his skills and passions intersect as an entrepreneur.

Austin is the CEO and Founder of NutriFitt, a Nashville-based startup specializing in high performance natural supplements and nutritional education. His mission is to inspire people to find their true-life why, take insane action, and never settle until their dreams become a reality.Austin Hulsey

Austin has an Associates degree in Health Sciences and is currently finishing his Bachelors degree in foods, nutrition and dietetics at Tennessee State University.

In 2010, he founded Avera Skincare, a company specializing in local handmade cosmetics. In 2015, he founded Precision Pressure Washing & Sealing which provides residential and commercial maintenance services. He is also co-author of the children’s book Nanook.

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get business referrals

Get More Business Referrals

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How would you like a proven system to get more business referrals?Go For Launch Podcast Show 66

Stacey Brown Randall has perfected the art of dramatically increasing the referrals for her own business and her clients’ businesses. It is a major focus of her consulting practice, which is to help business owners avoid business failure.

She knows – she’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt!Stacey Brown Randall

What Stacey learned when her first business failed is now what is making all the difference with her current business’ success.  And she is sharing all of her secrets.

Her online programs and live coaching sessions provide a blueprint to follow to take control of your business by increasing sales through “sticky” clients and creating a strategy to unleash a referral explosion in your business.

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launch and grow your business with the startup equation

Launch And Scale Your Business With the Startup Equation

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 65Learn how to launch and scale your business with the Startup Equation, an amazing new visual tool and methodology created by Ja-Naé Duane and her husband, Steven Fisher.

For over 20 years, Ja-Naé has focused on one mission: to make life better for as many people as possible. With that goal in mind, she founded or co-founded five different organizations, including Wild Women Entrepreneurs, The Leaders, the National Artistic Effort and the Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition.Ja-Nae Duane

She currently leads the Revolution Institute while also teaching at Emerson College and Northeastern University. At Clark University, she holds the position of Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

The author of How to Start Your Business with $100 and The Startup Equation: A Visual Guidebook to Building Your Startup, Ja-Naé excels at advising startups because she understands from personal experience what it means to be an social entrepreneur. Over the years, her work has caught the attention of The Associated Press, NPR, Classical Singer Magazine, The Boston Globe and Business Week. In 2007, she was nominated as one of New England’s Most Innovative Leaders.

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10x your business success

10x Your Business Success

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 64How would you like to 10x your business success? That is one of the goals of Scott Hansen in working with his clients. Scott is a high performance coach, sought after speaker, podcast host and published author. He joins me on today’s Go For Launch podcast.

Along with working with Fortune 500 companies, Scott has trained and coached entrepreneurs and executives on how to live a life of purpose and significance.Scott Hansen 10x your business success

Scott is the creator of Success Blueprint On Demand, an exclusive, high performance program teaching entrepreneurs how to 10x their business, get more clients and build multiple income streams online.

In addition, Scott is a contributing writer at and

He is also a web-show TV host, and creator of Success Hackers, one of the most popular business podcasts on iTunes.

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