Is Entrepreneurship In America Dead?

Brandon Uttley Starting A Business, Top 10 2 Comments

A recent ominous article in the Los Angeles Times began with the headline, “A drop-off in startups: Where are all the entrepreneurs?” Writer Walter Hamilton cited a number of alarming statistics that seem to signal the death of entrepreneurship: According to the Census Bureau, the number of start-ups fell almost 28% from 1977 to 2011 By other measures — as …

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How Small Business Davids Can Compete Against Goliaths

Brandon Uttley Growing A Business, Marketing And Sales, Overcoming Business Obstacles, Resources And Tools, Starting A Business, Top 10 3 Comments

Are you interested in starting a business? Do you worry you’re “too small” or that larger, more established companies will crush you? Those are largely unfounded fears. If you have the right idea, great execution and staying power, you can compete at every level—even alongside well-entrenched Goliaths. Here are 15 suggestions for establishing your company on an equal or better …

If I Started My Business Over Today

Brandon Uttley Starting A Business, Top 10 4 Comments

I have started several businesses since 1999. One was very successful, two were moderately successful and one was a fiasco. Each provided learning experiences on what it takes to operate efficiently and profitably. So before I started my fifth company (Go For Launch), I asked myself one hard question: Knowing what I know from my past successes and failures, what …