Saving Your Entrepreneurial Soul

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Being an entrepreneur is hard. You go into business for yourself full of fire, bursting with energy and creativity. You’re passionate, fearless, boundless. Unstoppable. Then reality sets in. You get sick but you still have to work. So you drag yourself out of bed and zombie on. People owe you money. You owe money. You can’t sleep. Customers aren’t showing up …

Going Out Of Business

Going Against The Odds: Don’t Quit Your Business Too Soon

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The other day, a friend texted to ask how my new business, Go For Launch, was going. “Slowly,” I wrote back. Depressingly so, it seems. But I am in this for the long haul, and have only been “at it” for less than three months. I know from prior entrepreneurial experience that most things take longer than you expect or hope they …

Explore The Marketing Universe To Promote Your Business

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If you are starting or trying to grow a business, marketing is essential. The traditional definition of marketing includes the four “Ps”: Product Price Place Promotion From my experience, however, the last P, Promotion, is really what marketing revolves around. It means: Getting the word out about your product or service Reaching the right “target audience” (those most likely to …