How to read minds and influence people

How To Read Minds And Influence People

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Is it possible to really read minds? Mentalist and communication professor Carl Christman believes it is. Carl is a teacher, author and speaker. He plays with language, psychology and non-verbal communication to educate and entertain audiences. His new book, How to Read Minds & Influence People, looks at the science of nonverbal communication and everyday persuasion.

How to start a successful coaching business

How To Start A Successful Coaching Business

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Today’s podcast features Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches. Mark is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, having started a number of businesses in his life and growing one to 100 employees. After becoming a coach, he saw the struggles that other coaches face while trying to build a successful business, …

The Magic of Entrepreneurship

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If you are intrigued by the magic of entrepreneurship, what better person to turn for inspiration than one of the world’s best magicians/small business owners? In this episode of the Go For Launch podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Michael Grandinetti, a top professional magician and entrepreneur. His resume includes performances on national and international television; in stadiums, arenas, …

blog from the beach

Can You Really Blog From The Beach And Make a Living?

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Can you blog from the beach and make a living? Or is this just a total fantasy? Today’s guest on the Go For Launch podcast is Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is an Amazon best selling author of multiple eBooks. He’s also a full time blogger, world traveler and Internet lifestyle junkie. Ryan is  the creator and founder of Blogging From Paradise. In …