build wealth with real estate investing

Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

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Jason HartmanGo For Launch Podcast Show 45How would you like to build wealth through real estate investing? It’s possible for even the smallest investors to benefit from what Jason Hartman prefers to call “income property.”

Jason is president of Platinum Properties Investor Network, and he joins me today on the Go For Launch podcast to talk about the merits and opportunities of real estate investing (i.e., generating income from owning commercial and residential real estate properties).

Jason is also founder of Hartman Media Company, a network of 24 different shows. Jason embarked on his career in real estate in the 1980s and promoted his unique personal brand at every opportunity. Through creativity, persistence and hard work, he joined the ranks of the top 1% of realtors in the United States and in quick succession earned a number of prestigious sales awards. In 1997, Jason Hartman realized his entrepreneurial dream and purchased an Irvine, California real estate brokerage firm.

In addition to managing his real estate brokerage, Jason Hartman speaks to audiences around the world, explaining how personal branding and relationship marketing can bring businesses and careers to a high level of success while maintaining balance in one’s life.

Jason believes that giving back to the community plays an important role in building strong personal brands. He has been involved with his local Rotary Club, sponsored a Little League team, served on the board of directors of the Young Executives of America and worked with a number of other public service organizations. Jason says that aside from the good feeling derived from involvement in such activities, secondary benefits include making valuable contacts and greatly enhancing one’s personal brand.

Through personal coaching and public speaking engagements, Jason Hartman shares his success-building techniques.

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Topics that Jason and I discuss include:

  • How he grew up poor in Los Angeles
  • When he first learned about real estate investing (starting at age 16)
  • Getting his real estate license at age 19 and buying his first investment property by age 20
  • The difference between owning ”real estate” vs. “income property”
  • Why he considers income property a multi-dimensional asset class (vs. other investments like stocks or precious metals)
  • Why the majority of real estate investments are made by ordinary citizens—not Wall Street firms
  • Why he believes home ownership is an expense, not an investment
  • How to assess a property’s rent-to-value ratio—and why this is critical
  • Where to learn more about his investment products
  • How he got into podcasting and now has a network of 24 shows

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