Determined to Win? Pick A Proven Business Model

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Ask any expert for tips on how to start a business, and you’re bound to hear a few good ones focused on business models. And with good reason. A business model is the foundation upon which a successful start-up is built. Your business model explains the needs of your customers and any pain points they need to solve. It differentiates your offerings. It shows …

how to choose business partners

How To Choose Business Partners

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A business partnership is a long term agreement between two or multiple individuals. Ideally, it allows two or more people to exponentially increase their output, add to each other’s skills and support each other as the business grows. Yet selecting a suitable business partner is more challenging than many people realize. It is essential to form an understanding, supportive bond with your partner before starting …

Explore The Marketing Universe To Promote Your Business

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If you are starting or trying to grow a business, marketing is essential. The traditional definition of marketing includes the four “Ps”: Product Price Place Promotion From my experience, however, the last P, Promotion, is really what marketing revolves around. It means: Getting the word out about your product or service Reaching the right “target audience” (those most likely to …

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How Small Business Davids Can Compete Against Goliaths

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Are you interested in starting a business? Do you worry you’re “too small” or that larger, more established companies will crush you? Those are largely unfounded fears. If you have the right idea, great execution and staying power, you can compete at every level—even alongside well-entrenched Goliaths. Here are 15 suggestions for establishing your company on an equal or better …