make a great business impression

Make A Great Business Impression

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GFL Podcast Number 38How do you make a great business impression and stand out in your industry?

Shaun CaldwellThat was an early question entrepreneur Shaun Caldwell faced, when he decided to enter the crowded printing industry with his company, Charlotte Print, a graphic design, printing and direct mail firm. With no prior industry experience, he has grown the company to provide a range of direct response marketing services to startups and seasoned businesses.

Shaun’s goal is to help small businesses make a great impression. Charlotte Print’s proprietary technology has been able to reduce product costs by nearly 25% while offering a product line nearly twice as large as the competition.

Prior to launching Charlotte Print, Shaun served as the founder and owner of for Global Marketing Mavens, where his efforts were instrumental in spearheading the adoption of internet and mobile marketing for small businesses nationwide.

He joins Brandon Uttley to talk about his entrepreneurial experiences in today’s episode of the Go For Launch podcast.

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Topics we discuss in today’s show include:

  • How he started his career in criminology after graduating from Johnson C. Smith University
  • How he transitioned to become an entrepreneur (starting a marketing agency)—and good mentors who helped him out early as an entrepreneur
  • Early mistakes he made and what he would do differently (especially regarding marketing and sales)
  • How he chose the printing industry business model (and did things much differently, even with no prior background in printing)
  • Whether he ever felt like an imposter (as a young entrepreneur)
  • How he balances working in his business vs. on his business (and what he focuses on from growth and building to acquisition and retention strategies)
  • Why the”inbox is now the new mailbox”
  • Why there has been a huge increase in the amount of printing online (up 30% in five years).
  • How he runs a “traditional” business (in the printing industry) with no brick-and-mortar retail locations
  • How Charlotte Print differentiates itself vs. competitors
  • Newer, innovative materials in printing that are available to small businesses (ranging from direct mail to content marketing programs)
  • Why print is still powerful
  • What works best for Shaun in terms of attracting new customers

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