make the leap from physical to virtual training

Make the Leap from Physical to Virtual Training

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 71Are you a trainer or a coach? Would you like to make the leap from physical to virtual training?

Jeff McMahon is doing that, with about one third of his personal training business now being conducted virtually with some marquee clients in the online business/marketing space,  including Pat Flynn Chris Ducker, Jeff Wenberg and Lindsey Anderson.Jeff McMahon

Jeff is owner and founder of Total Body Construction, and he has been a personal trainer for almost a decade now.  He has degrees in Pre-Med/Pre-Pharm and is dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine.

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Jeff’s training style is different than most due to his diverse background and expertise.  With a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, a certification in lifestyle and wellness, and experience doing massage therapy for three years, he has helped everyone with issues ranging from:

  • Weight loss to weight gain
  • Cancer to diabetes
  • Injury rehab to celiac disease
  • Back issues to sports specific training

With over 6,000 different exercises in his playbook, he says you will never repeat a workout and you will never be bored!

Virtual training allows people to enjoy exercise in the comfort of their own home, save time by not having to travel and sit in traffic, and use whatever equipment they have or want to order. There is an accountability factor that is the key ingredient to results and progress.  Jeff calls Total Body Construction a “one stop shop” for transforming your life into what you want it to be.

In our interview on the Go For Launch podcast, Jeff talks about wanting to become a surgeon but being unable to when he learned he was color blind. So he switched from medical school to training.

His mom also had a massive stroke when he was in college. That spurred him on in his training, and he spent three years studying massage therapy. One day when he was helping his mom, she mentioned she wished she didn’t have to leave the house for therapy sessions, and Jeff started to think about how he could help her and other through virtual training.

When a gym he was working with closed, he rented a facility and kept training his clients. Nearly a decade later, he now trains about two thirds of his clients in person and one third virtually. However, he has been growing the virtual side quickly since starting it about two years ago.

Jeff’s clients receive different communications during his virtual training, ranging from weekly emails to a program where they see Jeff for 1-3 hours (using online technologies such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom) and do workouts together.

Jeff has had his share of entrepreneurial ups and downs. He started a 5k race company to raise money for charity, until to lose $15,000 in the process. It taught him to really focus on what he is best at and loves doing.

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