Develop A Winning Edge

Develop A Winning Edge

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 81Dan Waldschmidt helps billion-dollar companies and high performers develop a winning edge. His bestselling book, EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success, is a blueprint that goes beyond typical self-help advice.

Dan is a popular speaker, business strategist and an ultra-runner who since birth has been refusing to accept business as usual.

Like many kids, he had a lawn mowing business, but he turned his into a money-making machine (though he opted not to tell his mom about his increased profits).

He ran track like plenty of other kids, but he pushed himself to break his high school’s mile record. He got the usual entry-level job right of college, but then he changed the sales process, earned millions of dollars for the company, and became CEO by the time he was 25.Dan Waldschmidt

These days, Dan is a people strategist and a conversation changer, serving as president and chief antagonist at Waldschmidt Partners International.

Dan and his team help people arrive at business-changing breakthrough ideas by moving past outdated conventional wisdom, social peer pressure and the selfish behaviors that stop them from being high performers.

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how to work on purpose

How To Work On Purpose

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 80Are you just running a business merely for the sake of making money—or have you discovered how to work on purpose, with a clear mission?

Scott Beebe has many missions in life, among them helping small business owners and organizational leaders uncover what they cannot see. As the founder and head coach of, a business coaching, training, and strategy group, he does this in three primary ways:Scott Beebe

  • Through the development and implementation of organizational Vision, Mission and Values
  • By systematizing and automating business systems so owners can work ON their business and less time IN their business
  • By leading virtual Business On Purpose Mastermind groups

Scott is also the host of The Business On Purpose podcast, a weekly podcast where Scott interviews small business owners to get their insights on how they are living out their business on purpose.

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automate your business success

Automate Your Business Success

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 79When it comes to starting and running your own business, Joshua Latimer has a great saying:

Everybody sees the wine, but no one sees crushing of the grapes.”

Josh knows firsthand how challenging it is to start your own venture—and how much grape-crushing is needed. He left his job as a banker for JP Morgan Chase to start a cleaning business in Michigan that he eventually grew and sold to a California based cleaning conglomerate in 2015.Joshua Latimer

Now, he is living and working from Costa Rica with his wife and their four kids, where he helps small business owners all over the world understand the power of business systems and automation, and the freedom they can bring.

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how to invent new products

How to Invent New Products

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 78Admit it: You’ve had at least one idea for a “million dollar product” in your lifetime. But chances are, you never actually followed through and saw your idea actually come to life. Am I right?

The idea of envisioning something new then developing it into a viable product is as old as the American Dream. But if you want to know how to invent products the right way—and there is a ton of information to digest—the best person I know to consult with is Louis Foreman. He joins me on today’s podcast to delve into the fascinating world of product ideation, development and commercialization.Louis Foreman

Louis is founder and Chief Executive of Enventys, an integrated product design and engineering firm. He is also CEO of Edison Nation, and Edison Nation Medical.

Read on for his complete bio.

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Monetize your expertise work anywhere

Monetize Your Expertise and Work Anywhere

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 77Discover how to monetize your expertise and work anywhere with Caitlin Pyle.

Caitlin is a 29-year-old former desk zombie turned business transformation consultant. She’s the creator of, home of the online course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, the first-ever online course on how to work from anywhere by proofreading transcripts for court reporters. She teamed up with a colleague to expand the brand by launching Transcribe Anywhere in January 2016.Caitlin Pyle

An authentic and effective content marketer, Caitlin turned ProofreadAnywhere into a six-figure+ blog and business within three months, and total business revenue reached $1 million within 15 months. To teach others her unique method of building platforms, carving out authority in a niche, and monetizing digital products, Caitlin developed blog and the Monetize Your Genius™ course.

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Increase Your Website Conversions

Increase Your Website Conversions

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 76Most people and companies have a goal to “drive more traffic” to their website. But a more crucial goal is to increase your website conversions, or the number of visitors you capture into your sales funnel. You want to make every website click count.Justin Christianson

My guest on today’s podcast is an expert on the subject of turning browsers into buyers. Justin Christianson is a 14-year digital marketing veteran and #1 Bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and profits with A/B testing.  He is also the co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics, a full service conversion rate optimization company that helps companies get more out of their digital traffic efforts.


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the power of direct response copywriting

The Power of Direct Response Copywriting

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 75Get ready to learn about the power of direct response copywriting from one of the masters of the craft, Scott Martin, founder of Scott Martin Copywriting. He joins me on today’s Go For Launch podcast.

Scott has been a professional copywriter for his entire career. He was born in America, spent his formative years in England, then moved back to America where he lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for 27 years. He now lives in Aspen, Colorado.

He has taken detours into corporate communications, magazine publishing, and writing books but he has always written copy.Scott Martin

Today, he’s a direct response copywriter. His clients include direct marketing giants like Agora, The Motley Fool, and Ryan Deiss’s Digital Marketer. But he also writes for much smaller businesses including a local pub. He has helped this small establishment build an opt-in email database of 2,500 people.

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