Pod Castaway

Pod Castaway: My Search For Podcasting Fame And Fortune

The new book by Brandon Uttley — available on Amazon

Praise for Pod Castaway

“An honest (maybe too honest) and personal tale of what it really takes to be a podcaster. Do not start a show without reading this book first.”

Jay Baer – President of Convince & Convert Media, and host of the Social Pros podcast

“Podcasting is an incredible way to build your authority and attract fiercely loyal fans and buyers. But there is no such thing as achieving ‘overnight success’ as a podcaster. Brandon takes us on an epic journey to uncover what it truly takes to succeed in podcasting: an unwavering commitment, a relentless focus and a passion that burns to your core. Ignite!”

John Lee Dumas, founder, EOFire.com

“Brandon does a wonderful job laying out not only the victories that can be had by successful podcasters, but the lows that must be gone through as well. As a podcaster who has had some of the same struggles as Brandon, I can say had I read a book like this before instead of after, I could have easily avoided some of the pitfalls that I never saw coming. This is a great, all-encompassing read that I’d recommend for anyone interested in or currently podcasting!”

Dan Franks, Cofounder, Podcast Movement

“Podcast Castaway is a welcome contrast to the typical book on podcasting that makes it sound like you will become the next Oprah Winfrey in five easy minutes a week. As Warren Buffett one said, “Smart people don’t learn from their mistakes; they learn from other people’s mistakes.” I believe anyone who is thinking about starting a podcast should be required to read Uttley’s Podcast Castaway. Uttley does a great job of helping people avoid needless detours and time-wasting sideshows.”

TJ Walker, #1 USA Today bestselling author of Secret to Foolproof Presentations and host of “Speaking with TJ Walker”

“Brandon Uttley’s book, Pod Castaway, is unique, entertaining and fills a real need in the marketplace. When everyone else sugarcoats the ups and downs of podcasting, Brandon tells it like it is. He’s not pretending to be an overnight success — he’s the real deal. I read Pod Castaway in one sitting and was left wanting more. I just hope Brandon saved something for a sequel!”

David Lizerbram, Business Law Strategist and host of the Products of the Mind podcast

About Pod Castaway

Podcasting is on fire, with millions of people tuning into shows. Both big, established firms and bootstrapped entrepreneurs alike are vying for their attention. High-quality audio or video podcasts can be an intimate way to build rapport with their audience, while potentially attracting lucrative advertising sponsors.

Do you think you have what it takes to start a popular and profitable podcast? Pod Castaway chronicles entrepreneur Brandon Uttley’s often misguided attempts to crack into the top ranks of podcasters. Both funny and revealing, the book describes how much effort it takes to launch and sustain a podcast—and attempt to make it stand out in a sea of competitors.

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