Solve your pain and start a business

Solve Your Pain and Start a Business

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Go For Launch Podcast Show 68What’s ailing you? What if you could solve your pain and start a business at the same time? That is what my guest on today’s podcast did with a revolutionary new health product.

Jerry Collins is CEO and cofounder of Treadwell Corporation based in Wilmington, NC.Jerry Collins

After graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in finance and and an MBA, he spent 10 years as a commercial bank manager and lender. This was followed by three successful entrepreneurial ventures in the retail grocery business, financial consulting and a medical services organization.

Jerry also served for 20 years as executive in the C-Suite (CEO & CFO) for Rural Health Clinic and Federally Qualified Health Center organizations.

In 2009, he joined Treadwell after the system they invented helped him personally treat symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (cramping of feet and legs at night) that had been previously unsuccessfully treated for the prior five years.

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In our discussion, Jerry shares a very cautionary tale about how he bought his first business, a grocery store in a growing community. The aging owners painted a rosy picture of profitability when in fact they were fabricating the numbers to boost the sales prices. Despite Jerry’s banking acumen and access to a lot of industry and financial information that told him everything looked great, on paper, the owners fooled him.

Within six months, he found the business failing—despite customers who raved about it. He had to tap into this savings until he nearly went out of business. This was followed by months of legal pursuit. Fortunately, he did receive some remuneration, yet tragically the original owner took his own life when the full extent of the damages were revealed. In the end, Jerry sold the business for a profit after three years.

On a brighter note, Jerry talks about how he a childhood friend and physical therapist, Richard Hand, discovered how to solve Jerry’s restless leg pain with a device Richard was developing to help elderly patients improve their circulation. Interestingly, the device was fashioned after an old treadle (foot pedal) used on a sewing machine, which was sitting in the home of one of the elderly patients he worked with.

THE TREDLR™- INCREASING CIRCULATION from Treadwell Corporation on Vimeo.

The device, known as the TREDLR™, increases circulation significantly throughout the body with minimal user effort. They are making inroads into long-term care, assisted living, primary care. independent living and adult daycare facilities. Additional markets they are pursing include workplace wellness, athletic recovery and performance, the consumer in-home market and medical diagnostics.

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