What Are You Laboring For?

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Starting your own business takes a lot of guts. The irony is, at some point all of our ancestors were entrepreneurs. So a part of you, deep inside, knows you have the ability to run your own show. And your ancestors would likely be either highly annoyed, angered or amused at your weak kneed waffling. If you are laboring at something you hate, what is keeping you from doing something else you love?

Today, we have this concept of the “Minimum Viable Product,” also known as the MVP. I write about it in my ebook, 7 Steps To Start a Business The Right Way (sign up below to download a free copy).

Not that there is anything terribly wrong with an MVP—it’s a good idea to test the waters before you plunge right in. Make sure there is a potential market for your product or service and all that.

But the danger is taking the initial feedback from your low-risk MVP experiments and deciding “it won’t work.” You shrink back and don’t pursue it in earnest. That means you didn’t do the hard work to push your idea forward. Maybe it will work, but you’ll never know if you don’t go. Go is the mantra of Go For Launch—taking action. It’s something my friend and successful entrepreneur Mac Lackey wrote about in this great post, You Just Have to GO.

It can be a frightening proposition to go from the status quo workplace to the uncertainty of where your next paycheck is coming from. Fortunately, fear and exhilaration are closely related. A healthy dose of fear is actually good; it heightens your senses. The trick is not letting fear turn into panic and indecision, but instead channeling it toward making a breakthrough. When faced with the two common reactions to fear (fight or flight), entrepreneurs choose to fight.

I encourage anyone who reads this and has had the urge to start their own business to go for it! Fight against the tyranny of indecision and regret and unhappiness. Entrepreneurship is about doing something that you love, vs. something you feel you have to do. When you realize you are miserable and want to take control of your own destiny, find a way to make it happen.

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